Manufacturing processes as the locomotive of industrial development are at the edge of fundamental changes. New challenges such as environmental demands regarding energy and resource minimization, increased variability of products moving from mass production to small or even smallest batch sizes, and increasing functionality of products are requiring novel approaches in the manufacturing industry. Owing to currently unknown influences of the production processes on the final product quality, a reliable prediction of all product properties will be the central goal for the manufacturing industry of the next decade. Consequently, better and customized products can be manufactured at a more efficient use of energy and resources.

The prediction and adjustment of product properties require a new holistic, scientific understanding of the underlying manufacturing processes. New methods need to be developed for a quantitative and qualitative assessment of properties as well as their representation in form of engineering data. Manufacturing processes should be controlled to enable the adjustment of these properties. Also design approaches have to be adopted to include the real capabilities of product materials after processing.

The International Conference on Product Property Prediction – P³ to be held in Dortmund is a high level academic exchange between engineering, materials science, physics and mathematics.

We would like to invite you to participate in this important discussion leading to a new understanding of production technology.

Dirk Biermann

A. Erman Tekkaya

Wolfgang Tillmann

This conference is sponsored by the TU Dortmund.