Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technische Universität Dortmund
Leonhard-Euler-Str. 5
DE-44227 Dortmund

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The First Conference on Product Property Prediction – P³ will take place in the Mechanical Engineering Building of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Dortmund, Germany. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering sees its mission as preparing technically skilled employees, executives and teachers for diverse occupational roads in the manufacturing industry, service companies, trade and consulting, as well as in education. Research and teaching have a broad engineering basis and focus on production engineering, industrial management and logistics. Thus, the spectrum of research and development undertaken is broad, ranging from the production to the distribution of goods. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering meets these challenges of today with clearly defined and future-oriented programs of study.

Dortmund - Exciting City *

Dortmund is one of the best examples of how to overcome successfully the economic and structural changes taking place in the Ruhr District. Not long ago our city was considered a center for heavy industries; now when you come to Dortmund you will look in vain for a working blast furnace or coal mine. Not only the very modern infrastructure but also innovative technologies and future-oriented services, as well as a booming commercial sector and numerous insurance companies, reflect the changes that have taken place in Dortmund. Today the city is a top location in North-Rhine Westphalia for information technology, microsystems technology and logistics. There is research and teaching instead of steel production; processing and trade instead of coking plants; and where winding towers used to operate, you can find nowadays culinary delights and high-class service. And although football is still top of the league, playing golf or roulette is not very far behind!

Traditional Cultural Diversity

Alter Markt

At the time of industrialization it was mainly people of Polish origin that came to work and live in Dortmund. Today people from all European countries, as well as from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, live peacefully side by side with the local Dortmund people. This mingling of different cultures can be seen and experienced in everyday life and this has enriched the quality of life in the modern and cosmopolitan city of Dortmund. The nearly 600,000 people living here are known far and wide for their friendly and open attitude. This was an attribute given to the people of Dortmund back in the days of the Hanseatic League when Dortmund was a Free and Imperial Town. And to this day visitors to Dortmund are always made welcome.

Non-Stop Culture

Opera House

The cultural variety in Dortmund has been recognized throughout Germany. Entertainment is guaranteed, whether in the new concert hall, the theatres, opera house, casino or countless variety theatres. A dozen or so museums with their collections, special exhibitions and preserved industrial heritage invite you to take part in fascinating and entertaining journeys into the past. In 2010 Dortmund will be part of Ruhr.2010 – European Capital of Culture. The ‘Dortmunder U’, a former brewery, is to become a center for art and creativity and will be the main attraction of Ruhr.2010.

International Cuisine

But Dortmund is not only friendly and open to visitors, it also likes to look after them well. The wide variety of international cuisine is a perfect mixture. The culinary choice is sheer endless, be it a döner shop, a sushi bar or a high-class restaurant. But you can still find good traditional Westphalian fare. And it is truly amazing how some chefs re-create the traditional dishes of this region in a completely different and thoroughly modern way. The relaxed atmosphere of comfortable cafés and elegant lounges is the perfect backdrop for a chat with friends. But should you want to celebrate, you have a night life in the largest city of the Ruhr Area District, Dortmund.

* We would like to thank Dortmundtourismus for providing this content.

This conference is sponsored by the TU Dortmund.